About us

AM-ROH was established in the era of fashion in 1992, with a vision to achieve a 100 fold expansion. We are the manufacturers and exporters of “Fashion Jewellery and Scarves in vast variety of designs and premium quality.

Organizational Strategy

AM-ROH the firm believers of diversification, international competence and customer satisfaction. We don’t simply sell products. We are unique and appreciate that each individual company’s needs are specific to them so we follow agile manufacturing system. Our prices are extremely competitive and we assure you about the total quality management in our organization.

Market Reputation

AM-ROH stands out, among top manufacturers due to its unique designs and premium quality. The skilled human resources of Am-Roh International are the key assets which enabled the company to have increase footage in international market.

Supply Chain

AM-ROH inherited and implement speedy supply chain with support of its professional manpower and cater international market like European Countries, Middle East, Far East and USA. We are fully equipped to undertake any volume of order in customized designs at the most competitive price.

Customer Satisfaction

AM-ROH believe in customer satisfaction on the line of customer ecstasy’. We can change colours, sizes and designs and we are always open to customer’s suggestions. Each of our product is carefully crafted and undergoes through quality check to ensure that we give our customers the very best quality. Moreover our focus is in building long-term relationship with our customers, with the emphasis on satisfaction together with quality and timely deliveries.